The Things You Must Be Aware About GYAZO Being Down

GYAZO is the open source screenshot program used for Windows as well as other operating systems. With aid of this program, users can take screenshots and upload them on the internet. You can also share the URL link to the screenshot too. The name GYAZO too, literally translates to image in the Japanese language. Many people are having queries such as is gyazo down, in the present times. This query is very much expected because lots of people presently make use of screenshots to put forward their opinions. Sharing of these screenshots has become really important in lives of people.

The user interface in GYAZO is very minimalistic in nature. There are a few options which you can avail by clicking on the icon of taskbar. After you have launched your application, a crosshair like cursor will immediately appear and you can select the area which you wish to upload. A unique URL is also made available for the image. This URL can be shared with everyone publicly.

Uploading images
People have grown quite agitated currently and have been asking is GYAZO down because they have not been able to upload various images online. You can upload this new image without even opening a new tab. Your image or screenshot gets uploaded to the servers of GYAZO; hence you get free cloud storage too.

Ways to get access
If GYAZO is down, ten there exists many different ways to gain access to it. The site may or may not be completely functional in nature after you have started using it again. Clearing up your DNS cache is an option you can definitely use for getting access to the site.Your Internet Service Provider will have the required information. If you are using the Windows operating system, then you can click on Start button, choose Command Prompt and then literally flush the DNS. By using this process your worries regarding is GYAZO down will be solved.